Sunday, 6 October 2019

Oct/Nov 2019 Stroud Short Stories Podcasts

While we all await the decisions on the ten stories to be read by their authors at our event on 10 November, why not fill the time by listening to the first of our new Story Podcasts?

These story podcasts are available from your normal podcast provider - iTunes, Spotify, Sound cloud etc - by simply searching for 'Stroud Short Stories'. Or you can use the link below.

We'll be having stories by Joanna Campbell, Steve Wheeler, Alex Clark and Alwin Wiederhold - all newly recorded for your listening pleasure.

But the first podcast is a new recording of Jason Jackson reading his story 'Fat Man in Neon' from the May 2019 SSS event 'Incendiary!'. Jason, from South Gloucestershire, is a much published, much decorated short fiction author and here he is at his stunning best with a story both dark and surreal. Not for the faint-hearted!

Here it is -