Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Photos from 'All You Need is Love. Or Is it?' - our 15th Event on 5 November 2017

Here (in the order in which they read) are the brilliant authors who performed for our sell-out audience on Sunday 5 November 2017 at the SVA in Stroud. The event was part of the Stroud Book Festival, and sold out in only 6 days some five weeks earlier. Thank you to our authors and to everyone who attended for making it a very special night of short stories.

75 authors submitted 101 stories from which ten were selected for performance. This was the third time at SSS for two of these authors, and the second time for three. Five authors were making their debuts.

I'm particularly grateful to Kate O'Grady for reading, as she stepped in at the last minute in place of Nastasya Parker who, sadly, was ill. Nastasya will read her story in the spring.

The snaps are by Angela Fitch of Angela Fitch Photography
( who provided them free of charge. Thank you, Angela.

We will be open in the new year for submissions to our spring event.


Kim Lakin-Smith reads The Wassailers' Wedding
Kate O'Grady reads A Hint of Blue

Tais Brias Avila reads Ashes and Knee Pins

Martin and Jenny Spice read The One by Martin Spice

Mel Golding reads When The Night Comes

Mary Flood reads Baby Love

Simon Piney reads Goodnight Irene

Lania Knight reads I've Lost My Child

Chloe Turner reads Show Me What You're Made Of

Emma Kernahan reads Still For Sale