Sunday, 20 November 2011

Stroud Short Stories in February: Submissions Call

Stroud Short Stories will be back on Sunday 12th February, with its first themed event. As befits the approach of Valentine’s Day, the theme will be:

“Love and Other Blows of Fate.”

If you have a story (however loosely) connected to this theme that you would like to have considered for the night, please email it to

Stories can be between 50 and 1500 words in length, and will be read by the author at the event.

The deadline for submissions is now Sunday 22nd January 2012  (extended by a week to account for that sluggish Christmas period!)

We look forward to hearing your tales of bliss and woe!

 Un-themed Stories

Due to the Site Festival moving forward from June to May next year, our next event after February will also be in May. If you have any stories that are not based on the theme of “Love and Other Blows of Fate” that you would like to have considered for the May event, please feel free to send them in too. (The deadline for these submissions is Sunday April 8th 2012.)