Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Stroud Short Stories in May: Submissions Call

Now that the furious beating of our hearts has subsided after our Valentine's event, we are now open for submissions for our next short story night, on Sunday 27th May.  This will be be part of the Site Festival, which will again feature a wide range of Spoken Word events.

Stories can be between 50 and 1500 words and those selected will be read aloud by their authors on the night.  All subjects and genres are welcome, with a maximum of three entries per author.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 29th April.

Please email your stories to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

“Love and Other Blows of Fate”

Our Love-themed Valentine’s event “Love and Other Blows of Fate” took place on Sunday 12th February, with another large and appreciative audience.  As promised, our ten authors read stories that ran the gamut of emotions, from missed chances and lost love, to consummated passion and one man’s quest for invisibility!  

 Laura Kinnear reading "The Proposal"

Teresa Moorey reading "Growing Things"

 Mary Omnes reading "Chaos"

 Rick Vick reading "The Artist and the Lover"

 Andrew Stevenson reading "The Invisible Dream"

 Kevlin Henney reading "Schroedinger's Pizza"

Rachel Beckett reading three short tales from Aurora's Spindle

 Tim Smith reading "Carrie"

Judy Newman reading "Brief Encounter 1961"

Jane Bailey reading "Eats, Cheats and Leaves"

Many thanks to all our readers, and to everyone who came along to listen.
Our next event will be at the end of May as part of the Site Festival.  We look forward to seeing you there!

October event now online

Terry Mechan’s recording of our October Event, for his Stroud FM show “Voices Across the Valleys” is now available online here.  It features Helen Street, Brian Seabrook, Eley Furrell, Helena Petre, Juliet Chastney and Roshi Fernando reading their stories.
Many thanks, Terry!