Sunday, 9 May 2021

Here are the stories for our 9 May 2021 10th Birthday Event 'Sharp Stars and Old Magic & Other Stories'

Watch/listen on YouTube via the links below

Grab a cuppa or maybe something stronger, sit back and listen to these ten great stories. All human (and some non-human) life is here. I have put the stories in an order which I thinks works well but, of course, you can pick and choose. Just click on each link.

Huge thanks to my co-judge Chloe Turner, to SSS administrator Christiane Holland, to Dr Steve Goodwin of the Cotswold Playhouse for the videos and, of course, to everyone who submitted a story. 


👉There's more to a mob of rowdy crows than meets the eye. Kate Keogan reads The Blue in the Black of his Wing 

 👈An old man searches for a moment of supreme importance. Diana Humphrey reads That Old Tune

👈Agnes never trusted the river, Sabrina - as temperamental as any goddess. Cheryl Burman reads 
Sabrina Rising

👉The ribald tale of the sexual misadventures of two Cotswolds housewives. David Goodland reads The Dress

👉Strategies for healing amputee starfish. Mhairi Gray reads Forgetting to Heal

👈A foster carer receives a much-longed-for invitation from the past. Sally Jenkinson reads Sharp Stars and Old Magic