Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Stroud Short Stories Event 'What Makes a Monster & Other Stories' held on Sunday 11 November

Thank you to everyone (70 people) who came along to a packed SVA on Sunday 11 November for our 17th event 'What makes a Monster & Other Stories'.

Special thanks to the ten brilliant authors (see snaps below) whose work we selected and who read/performed so wonderfully. Although, of course, I'd read all the stories before, some of the performances took my breath away.

The theme of the spring 2019 event will be INCENDIARY! so we'll be looking for stories about fire, heat, smoke, burning, passion, inflaming, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, bombs, subversion - both literally and metaphorically. We will open for submissions in January or February.

The SVA say we have 'outgrown' their venue so our next event will be elsewhere - venue yet to be decided. 

Some copies of our new 2015-18 Anthology are still available. Info here.

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Here are Sunday's ten authors - in the order in which they read/performed.

Thank you, Angela & Ken Fitch for the images -

Ali Bacon reads 'In Loco Parentis' 

Zara Wick reads 'Animate!'

Clive Singleton reads 'In Clear Air'

Andrew Stevenson reads 'The Bread-Toast Continuum'
Amanda Staples reads 'The Pewter Thimble'

Ken Popple reads 'On Llamas and Feng Shui'
Sophie Flynn reads 'What Makes a Monster'

Stephen Connolly reads 'Cargo'
Katie Witcombe reads 'The Dress'
Sarah Hitchcock reads 'The Misty Aisle'