Our latest Anthology - Volume Three 2018-2022

Our latest anthology, Stroud Short Stories Volume Three 2018-2022, published in September 2022, was one of five anthologies Short Listed for the Saboteur Award 2023 for the Best Anthology in the UK. It was the only anthology of SHORT STORIES to be Short Listed, the other anthologies being for poetry and Flash Fiction.

The anthology covers the seven SSS events from November 2018 to May 2022. That's 69 stories by 48 Gloucestershire writers. At a whopping 316 pages, this beautifully produced paperback book retails at just £12. 

It is available from Made in Stroud, 16 Kendrick Street, Stroud, GL5 1AA Tel 01453 840265. You can buy it either from the shop.

And from the Yellow Lighted Bookshop, 17 Fountain Street, Nailsworth, GL6 0BL Tel 01453 832555. Again, you can buy it from the shop.

The Kindle and paperback editions are also available from Amazon.

This anthology contains at least one story by these Gloucestershire or South Gloucestershire writers -

Nick Adams
Peter Adams
Sallie Anderson
Ali Bacon (3 stories)
Georgia Boon (2)
Robin Booth (3)
Nimue Brown (2)
Cheryl Burman
Joanna Campbell
Stephen Connolly (2)
Philip Douch
Louise Elliman
Sophie Flynn (2)
Hannah Glickstein (2)
David Goodland (2)
Mhairi Gray
Claire Harrison
Anthony Hentschel
Sarah Hitchcock (2)
Diana Humphrey
Michael Hurst
Jasmin Izagaren
Jason Jackson (3)
Claire Jaggard
Sally Jenkinson
Kate Keogan (2)
Emma Kernahan (2)
Laura Kinnear
Rebecca Klassen
Pauline Masurel
Geoff Mead (2)
Gillian Metheringham
Nastasya Parker
Simon Piney
Ken Popple
Sean W. Quigley (2)
Mark Rutterford
Clive Stapleton
Amanda Staples
Andrew Stevenson (2)
Chloe Turner (2)
Sharon Webster
Steve Wheeler (3)
Melanie White
Alwin Wiederhold
Naomi Wilkinson
Katie Witcombe

Volume Two 2015-18

Volume Two is still available. Now in its 16th re-print (!!), our 2015-18 Anthology includes 57 stories by 45 Gloucestershire authors. It covers the six SSS events from Nov 2015 to May 2018. It has 254 pages and is priced at £12 (Paperback) or £2.99 (Kindle).

Made-in-Stroud, 16 Kendrick St, Stroud GL5 1AA Tel 01453 840265. If you wish to buy online Made in Stroud will also post the book to you.

Amazon online for Kindle edition (£2.99)
Amazon online for paperback (£12)

July 2019 update - We're absolutely thrilled that Nicholas Royle, the editor of the annual publication, Best British Short Stories, has mentioned our anthology in his forward to the 2019 edition and specifically praised two stories - The Thief by Alex Clark (p.83) and The Journey to Everywhere by Joanna Campbell (p.222). Praise indeed.

The anthology is packed with an eclectic mix of short stories by these Gloucestershire authors -

Tais Brias Avila
Ali Bacon
Sian Breeze
Nick Browne
Graham Bruce-Fletcher
Joanna Campbell (2 stories)
Sarah Chapman
Alex Clark
Ken Clements
Rommy Collingwood
Stephen Connolly
Philip Douch
Mary Flood
Melanie Golding (2 stories)
Daniel Gooding
Jane Gordon-Cumming
Mark Graham
Judith Gunn (2 stories)
Kirsty Hartsiotis
Sarah Hitchcock
Michael Hurst
Jason Jackson (2 stories)
David Jay
Pam Keevil 
Emma Kernahan
Lania Knight
Natalie Lee
Geoff Mead
Claire Morris
Elizabeth Murphy
James Northern
Kate O'Grady (2 stories)
Val Ormrod
Nastasya Parker (2 stories)
Jan Petrie (2 stories)
Simon Piney (2 stories)
Ken Popple
Mark Rutterford
Martin Spice
Andrew Stevenson (2 stories)
Tony Stowell
Chloe Turner (2 stories)
Rick Vick (2 stories)
Steve Wheeler (2 stories)
Julie Wiltshire

A big thank you to Debbie Young for formatting it.


The first Stroud Short Stories Anthology 2011-15 is still available too - directly from Lulu (£8 plus postage) here.

Edited by Nimue Brown, it is in paperback format (235 pages) and contains 80 stories by 57 authors - nearly every story read at the nine SSS events from the first in June 2011 to April 2015.