Oct/Nov 2019 Stroud Short Stories Podcasts

Welcome to a new series of SSS Story Podcasts to be broadcast in October and November 2019 in the run-up to the 10 November SSS event at the Cotswold Playhouse.

These story podcasts are available from your normal podcast provider - iTunes, Spotify, Sound cloud etc - by simply searching for 'Stroud Short Stories'. Or you can use the link below.

We'll be having stories by Jason Jackson, Joanna Campbell, Steve Wheeler, Alex Clark and Alwin Wiederhold - all newly recorded for your listening pleasure.

Our second story podcast is a new recording of Alex Clark reading her story 'The Thief', which was originally performed in our October 2016 event 'The Apocalypse Alphabet & Other Stories'. Alex's story also had a special mention from editor Nicholas Royle in his forward to 'Best British Short Stories 2019' (Published by Salt).

The first podcast is a new recording of Jason Jackson reading his story 'Fat Man in Neon' from the May 2019 SSS event 'Incendiary!'. Jason, from South Gloucestershire, is a much published, much decorated short fiction author and here he is at his stunning best with a story both dark and surreal. Not for the faint-hearted!

April/May 2019 SSS Story Podcasts

In April and May 2019 - in the run up to the 19 May event Incendiary! - we broadcast new recordings of six stories from the last couple of years' SSS events read by their authors.

Many thanks to audio producer Laura Byng for the idea and the recordings and to Ed Holland for the music and, of course, my gratitude to these brilliant authors.

All these stories (except Katie Witcombe's The Dress) are in our new anthology Stroud Short Stories Volume Two 2015-18 which features 57 stories by 45 Gloucestershire authors from the last three years' events. It is available in paperback and kindle editions. Full details here.

Here are the six podcasts -

Our final podcast in this series features Nastasya Parker reading her story The Apocalypse Alphabet originally from our October 2016 event The Apocalypse Alphabet & Other Stories. This dark tale is quite something.

Our fifth podcast features Chloe Turner reading her story Show Me What You're Made Of originally from the November 2017 event All You Need Is Love. Or Is It?. Chloe's first collection of short stories Witches Sail in Eggshells will be published by Reflex Press on 15 June 2019. She will be reading her new story Is It My Hammered Heart? at the 19 May 2019 SSS event Incendiary! The event has sold out.

Our fourth podcast features Geoff Mead reading The Acorn and the Oak originally from our October 2016 event The Apocalypse Alphabet & Other Stories. Geoff will be reading a new story, Raku, at the 19 May SSS event Incendiary! The event has sold out.

Our third podcast features Emma Kernahan reading her story Still for Sale originally from the November 2017 SSS event All You Need Is Love Or Is It?. Emma recently had a satirical piece The Beach-Ready Body published by McSweeneys Online. She will be reading her story The Slip at our 19 May 2019 event Incendiary!. The event has sold out.

Our second podcast features Katie Witcombe reading her story The Dress originally from our November 2018 event What Makes a Monster & Other Stories. This story post-dates our 2015-18 anthology. There are many outstanding young authors in Gloucestershire and Katie is certainly one of them.

Our first podcast features Melanie Golding reading her story When the Night Comes originally from our November 2017 event All You Need Is Love. Or is It?. Melanie's first novel Little Darlings was published by HarperCollins on 2 May 2019.