Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Stroud Short Stories Event Sunday 19 April at SVA

A large and noisily supportive audience crammed into the SVA to hear ten of Gloucestershire's most talented writers read their superb stories. Thank you and congratulations to these brilliant authors.

Read Debbie Young's blog about the evening here

Here are the authors - in performance order -

(Photographs by Tim Byford. Thanks, Tim)

Martin Spice - Le Fromager
Philip Bowne - Cows Can't Jump
Debbie Young
 The Alchemy of Chocolate
Rick Vick - Ways of Seeing
Katherine Mitchell - Daffodils
Anthony Hentschel -
The Giant meets the Christ-child
Rod Griffiths -
The Sweetest Smile
James Sinkinson - The Casablanca

Chloe Turner - The Bronze Garden
Mary Omnes - The Spinsters