Friday, 15 July 2011

Stroud Short Stories in June

Our first event took place on Sunday June 12th as part of the Site Festival 2011, with eleven authors reading to a packed house at SVA.   As promised, nuclear catastrophes, small fires, barn owls, bad girl guides, goods trains, nudity and sherbet lemons were all on offer.

The authors:

Peter Adams reading "The Pressure"

Mary Omnes reading "The Girl Guide"

Laura Kinnear reading "Mather's Chemical Flypaper"

Aidan Rush reading "Fringed With Joy"

Judy Newman reading "A Woman Named Asia"

Jo Bousfield reading "Naked Truth"
Philip Rush reading "Spurs' Progress Delights Redknapp"

Paul Hansford reading "In the Grassfield"

Rick Vick reading "Quick One"

Alex Breeze reading "Flickers"

Alice Jolly reading "For You, Hannah"

Many thanks to all our readers, and to all who came to listen.  I hope a magnificent night was had by all!  See you again in October.

All photos by Jodie Marks