Monday, 30 November 2015

Why not watch the SSS November 2015 Eerie Evening on YouTube!

Or at least, choose the stories you want to see and hear - links below.

SSS now has a YouTube Channel so you can pick and choose the parts of the November 2015 Eerie Evening you want to see and hear.

This review by Nimue Brown from the Good on Paper website may help you decide what to listen to/watch.

The YouTube links below are in the order in which the stories were read on the evening. The sound/audio isn't perfect though.

Each videos starts with me reading the author's biography. Generally the sound quality improves for the reading as I personally seem to have achieved an indecipherable combination of slur and boom! Sadly there's more of me than usual at the beginning of our first reading (Kirsty's The Woman's Wraith) as I introduce the whole evening.

Thank you to the lovely author David Penny for the videos.

Kirsty Hartsiotis - The Woman's Wraith (includes the intro to the event)

Tony Stowell - The Spirit is Willing

Stephen Connolly - A Winter Wedding

Julie Wiltshire - The Unwanted Visitor

Daniel Gooding - Points to the Eye (read by Ed Holland)

Simon Piney - The Ghastly Rolling

Elizabeth Murphy - Breathing Exercises

Graham Bruce-Fletcher - Thrown Together

Judith Gunn - The Ghost in the Classroom

Andrew Stevenson - A Good Old-fashioned Copper

Of course, it's really no substitute for being there and we will be back as ever in the spring.

John Holland
Organiser, Stroud Short Stories