Saturday 2 June 2012

Stroud Short Stories on May 27th

May’s Stroud Short Stories featured a surprising number of animals (cats, cooked and raining with dogs, black rhinos, roaring lions, tweeting blackbirds, rampant stags) as well as the promised raspberry upside-down sponge.  Many thanks to all the authors for making such a success of the night with their wonderful stories, and to our headliner, the always excellent Tania Hershman.


Thursa Swindall reading "The Day It Rained Cats and Dogs"


Anthony Hentschel reading "Discovering You're Jewish"

A.J. Grace-Smith reading "Clearing The Air"

 Adam Horovitz reading "Absolution"(with A.J. Grace-Smith)

Rachel Levay reading "I Thought I Was A Lion"

Rommy Collingwood reading "Family Business"

Pauline Roberts reading "The Woman Whom Life Forgot"

Aidan Rush reading "You Have Been Chosen As The Deadlock Victim"


Jo Bousfield reading "Song"

Esme Lloyd-Baldwin reading "The Night Bus (Raspberry Upside-Down Sponge)"

 Headliner Tania Hershman reading from her new collection My Mother Was An Upright Piano.

All photographs by Saskia Portway

Thanks to all who came and listened (and were such an appreciative audience) on this special festival night.
Our next event will be in October.  Stories can be sent to (There is no theme and stories should be under 1500 words, with a maximum of three submissions per author. As usual, authors selected for the most recent event are asked to skip the next event before submitting again).  We look forward to seeing you all then!